Lighting Projects

We propose solutions that use light to inspire moods, emphasise architecture, create unique atmospheres and add emotion to spaces. At the same time, we reduce costs, improve people's well-being and health and contribute to environmental sustainability.

We are the perfect partner for interior designers, architects and decorators, but we also offer our help for private lighting projects.

We take care of all the phases of a lighting project: lighting consultancy, analysis and study of the needs (light study), design and planning, choice and supply of the ideal sources for each purpose (both indoor and outdoor lighting) and other necessary material.

Our know-how also includes home automation in lighting to create smart and automated homes. Our projects cover technical lighting (using light to achieve a much more concrete and focused illumination) and decorative lighting (whose function is to decorate and create ambience, beyond the fact of illuminating).

Our knowledge and experience covers lighting for homes, institutions, companies and businesses. We have participated in numerous interior and exterior lighting projects for all types of private properties (flats, villas, old houses, modern houses, rustic houses...), hotel and restaurant lighting,

Our Lighting Projects

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