Lighting Design and Engineering

LUXSYSTEMS, an independent lighting design consultancy. With offices in Palma (Mallorca) and Mexico, we carry out projects throughout Spain and South America. We provide lighting design services for a wide range of projects for private, comercial and arquitects. We combine the knowledge of how light works with the architectural design and control of lighting systems.

Renewable Energy Projects

At LUXSYSTEMS, we believe that renewable energies are more than a passing fad. They are a necessary reality. 

The use of renewable energies translates into energy and economic savings, a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and a reduction in the carbon footprint. At LUXSYSTEMS we rationally evaluate all possible alternatives and present the best solutions to our clients.

Smart City Projects

Smart cities are those which, thanks to the use of new technologies (information and communication), manage to provide services and solve problems while at the same time being sustainable and efficient

At LUXSYSTEMS, we have the best solutions for the efficient and sustainable management and operation of cities, such as the remote management of public lighting, shopping centres and industrial electrical systems. In this way, we achieve improvements in service quality and energy savings.

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